True Boutique

Without a doubt, Fairone Bateman, owner of True Boutique, knows a lot about her customers—what they like, how much they want to spend and how best to reach them. With almost 20 years’ experience, 10 years in Broadmead, Fairone knows the ins and outs of fashion like the back of her hand. “I grew up in the industry,” she explains. “My mom had a retail shop so I’ve been unpacking women’s clothing most of my life!”

She opened her first store at age 19 and never looked back. “I’m a bit of a risk taker,” she says. “I like to try different ideas based on my own values.” One of those is her strong commitment to offer primarily Canadian and locally-made goods. More than 80% of her stock reflects that commitment. “Increasingly,” Fairone explains, “that’s what people want. They want to know where their clothing comes from and how it was made. I’m the same!” 

Located in Langford’s Belmont Market shopping centre, True Boutique is family owned and offers beautiful, feminine, trendy and affordable clothing and accessories. “We want to make shopping both easy and fun,” says Fairone. “We want our customers, whether they are busy moms, working women or both, to feel stylish yet comfortable.”  She receives about 200 new items a week, so there is always rapid turnover and something fresh. She also maintains a vibrant online business so people can order from the comfort of their own homes too.

Setting the right price point is another critical factor in True Boutique’s success.  “People don’t want to spend a fortune,” says Fairone. “That’s why I’ve set our price point in the range of $60 to $100. Customers can have a lovely boutique experience within that—and look forward to a return visit!”

Something that has been “wildly popular” is the shop’s “mommy and me” corner which offers quality, Canadian-made baby clothes. “The pandemic hit us hard,” Fairone explains, “so we are delighted to have customers return and express their enthusiasm for what we have on offer. We’ve been especially pleased with the warm response to “mommy and me”.” Fairone uses Instagram to reach customers and relies on word of mouth too. “I am so happy to be in Langford,” she enthuses. “I feel the community’s embrace and believe I’m exactly where I need to be.”

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