Origin Bakery

Marion Scott and Tara Black are the proud and hard-working owners of Origin Bakery, a gluten-free bakery currently located in Belmont Square, Langford. The two women first started the business in 2009 as a market stall in Bastion Square, Victoria. From there, they moved to Westshore in 2012 and opened a smaller retail outlet on Goldstream Ave in Langford in 2016. They moved to their latest location on January 16, 2020.  “We were so disappointed we had to close our doors because of the pandemic,” Marion says. “Since this market district is still pretty new, we are hoping more people will discover us as they explore a new area. We are very fortunate, however, to have a loyal following and thank everyone for their support and encouragement!”

Marion and Tara attribute their success and longevity to the quality ingredients that make their products so delicious. They use artisan-style flours and offer a range of products more extensive than most gluten-free bakeries. “Our goal is to provide gluten-free products that taste good to non-celiacs (like us!),” they say, “so that the whole family can enjoy the same food together.”

The majority of their customers are gluten free, whether by choice or necessity, and travel to the bakery from all over Vancouver Island.  “We have found that location really does matter,” says Tara, so we always want to be as accessible as possible to locals and those coming from further away.”  Origin Bakery has an online store which helped to sustain the business during the early days of the pandemic and enabled Marion and Tara to meet customers’ needs on an ongoing basis.

Marion and Tara have diverse backgrounds and neither is gluten free! They divide the work of running the bakery based on their skills and passion but love all aspects of the business. Tara is the pastry chef!

Moving forward, the two business owners want to continue to impress the local community with their quality products and service. They also want to “change peoples’ minds about gluten-free food!” In the works is an exciting new wholesale partnership opportunity. One thing’s for sure, Origin Bakery may be  10 years old but its owners are still seeking and exploring new creative, entrepreneurial opportunities much to the benefit their customers and Langford!

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