MOD Pizza

When is a pizza place more than a place that just sells pizza? When it’s MOD, right in the heart of Langford. According to Jim Hayden, the owner of the franchise, MOD is also about building community and doing good. As Jim puts it, “MOD is the original superfast pizza experience, a pioneering fast-casual concept that puts customers in the driver’s seat. But at its heart, MOD is a platform for doing good—we want to have a positive social impact on the community which is why we always put people first!”

To that end, MOD works with a number of charitable organizations. It is fully committed to inclusiveness in hiring,” Jim says, “We have some of the best staff anywhere. They are totally dialled into customers and their preferences.” Jim believes that “if we take care of our employees, they will take care of customers!”

One of the truly special things about MOD is the names they’ve given to their pizzas. Each one is named after a special individual. “For example,” says Jim, “the Maddy is named after a young girl who used to come in regularly. She adored pizza. Sadly, she passed away from leukemia so we remember her passion for margarita pizza with every “Maddy” we sell. Most of the pizzas are named after people who have had to ‘overcome challenges’, as Jim puts it. “We so admire the creativity and endurance of people as they shape their lives. We are happy to be a part of their journey!”

Another unique feature of MOD is the calorie information provided for each and every pizza. “We believe in transparency,” Jim says. “It’s part of our business model.”

Jim’s own background includes Managing Partner of the Greater Victoria Noodlebox locations which was also focused on supporting the community. To date, Jim and his team have helped raise over 75,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Associations Island Branch.

Asked about why open in Langford, Jim has a quick reply: “We picked Langford because it’s a vibrant, growing city and we felt this was the best place to open the first Canadian franchise of MOD. Quite honestly, here we feel we are set up and supported for success!”

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