Ma Miller’s Pub

Ma Miller’s Pub is a long-established, fascinating Langford landmark. Just ask owner Jessica who has owned and operated the pub since 2016. She bought it almost on a whim and has thrived on growing the business ever since. She loves the work, the customers, the community and the pub’s history. According to Jessica, “The pub was established in 1864 and served as a major rest stop for people coming up and down the Island, whether by horse and buggy or train. It was purchased by Mary (May) Miller in the 1930’s and Mary and her niece ran the pub with considerable flair, even during prohibition,” Jessica explains. “Many believe the pub is haunted,” she adds, “largely because Mary’s ghost plays all sorts of games with our staff and customers. When the lights flicker, we know it’s Ma!”

The pub has attracted locals and tourists for as long as it’s existed. From Jessica’s perspective, it’s the many patrons who bring the real charm to the pub. “We love getting to know all the friendly faces and thoroughly enjoy the good banter and great conversations. It’s a place where everyone knows your name!” Jessica sings the praises of the local community who have been so supportive over the years.

Ma Miller’s specializes in craft beer, excellent pub fare and a special kids menu. They offer quality meats and tasty burgers but also cater to vegetarians and vegans. “Our menu boasts items such as house-made falafel, vegan burgers and vegan cheese to support and cater to people with these preferences.” The pub also offers gluten-free buns and pizza dough. Jessica says she wants to ensure that everyone who comes to the pub equally enjoys their meals.

Jessica happily supports other local businesses, relying on Glenwood Meats, Portofino Bakery and local breweries. “Collectively,” she adds, “our staff also enjoy regularly patronizing other Langford restaurants and pubs. It’s both fun and important to stay connected with people in our industry.”

Asked about the pandemic, Jessica says that throughout, she’s tried to keep interacting with people online so they know “we’re still here to serve the community.” Now that things are opening up, she’s reintroduced Open Mic and Bike Night in an effort to offer something for everyone. Like her predecessor, Ma Miller, Jessica works hard to please her customers with a good bit of fun, flair and hospitality!

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