House of Boateng

The House of Boateng Café is one of Langford’s landmark restaurants. Originally established in Gordon Head, owner and chef, Castro Boateng, moved the restaurant to Langford two years ago because, as he puts it, “I love Langford! I live here, saw the growth potential and was very impressed with the direction Mayor and Council were taking. In addition, I thought the area could use a special restaurant and I’ve not been wrong!”

Indeed. The restaurant not only has a steady and enthusiastic customer base, it has won multiple awards. “The one I’m most proud of,” says Castro, “is being voted one of the top 35 restaurants in all of Canada. I was—am—so honoured!”

Chef Boateng brings a wealth of experience to the restaurant.  Originally from Ghana, he immigrated to Canada when we was nine years old and grew up in Toronto “smelling all the beautiful aromas of spicy kebabs, okra and eggplant stew and the kinds of hearty dishes my mother and aunts cooked for big family dinners.” After graduating from culinary school in Toronto, Castro worked under European Master Chefs at the prestigious Turnberry Resort in Scotland, went on to the Fairmont Southhampton Princess in Bermuda and most recently served as Executive Chef at the Villa Eyrie Resort.

But what Chef Boateng really loves to talk about is food! “Flavours are everything,” he says. “One reason we are so successful, I believe, is that we bring a different approach to food. We are always looking for unique flavours, fresh ingredients and different ways to celebrate our special West African heritage. It’s a winning combination!” Chef Boateng brings his ebullient enthusiasm to both the restaurant and his separate catering business.

“I believe that a restaurant should be a gathering place,” he says, “where friends and family join together to enjoy a meal and celebrate the wonders of good food and maybe life itself.” That is certainly what he has created in the House of Boateng where he regularly welcomes diners to his Langford café. His warmth and commitment to his customers and the food he offers are palatable.

He and his family are fully committed to the West Shore. “We love the beach, the mountains and West Coast life in general. I have a great staff, excellent suppliers and the support of so many people in the community. I can’t imagine a more perfect place to live, work and cook!”

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