Goldstream Bicycles

Goldstream Bicycles is a crazy-busy bike shop. It’s a family owned business that caters to people of all ages. “The majority of our new customers,” says owner Steven Hurdle, “are middle-aged adults returning to cycling after a long absence.” But as Steven and his staff understand, there is more to it than that. “For many of us,” he says, “our first taste of freedom as children is riding around our neighborhoods on bikes and there is an amazing joy in re-experiencing that as an adult.”

Goldstream Bicycle celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. With a large and loyal customer base, Steven says that many customers return time and again because they want to buy local or sometimes because the shop has supported a charity event that matters to them.

Steven is understandably proud that the shop has more staff and longer-serving staff than most bike shops. “I think that contributes significantly to our success,” he says, adding, “We have a strong connection to the past and the future with deep institutional knowledge of classic bikes as well as the most modern ones.”

The shop primarily offers Canadian brands that fall into several bike categories: electric, comfort, hybrid, cross-trail, different types of mountain bikes and much more, including used bikes. They also offer a wide range of accessories. The shop services the bikes it sells, offers free estimates so “there are no surprises” as Steven puts it, and answers bike questions of every type. “Customer satisfaction is most important,” says Steven. The shop also offers lay-away-plans and gift cards and all new bikes receive a complimentary tune up.

Steven, himself, is a passionate, dedicated bike rider. He started working at Goldstream Bicycles in 1996 and bought the business in 2010. “I’m a lifelong bike rider, who has done a lot of touring too,” he says. “My enthusiasm for cycling runs deep—it’s a great way to save money, stay fit and help the environment!”

Fully committed to the community, largely through the Westshore Chamber of Commerce, Goldstream Bicycle staff are also fully committed to supporting customers at every stage of their cycling interest. “We work hard to create a welcoming environment for everyone,” says Steven, “whether they ride every day or are total novices.”  With the knowledge, skills, and passion of Steven and his staff, it is easy to understand the shop’s enormous popularity and success!

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