Front Runner’s

Front Runner’s in Langford City centre is one of three shops of the same name in Greater Victoria. All are owned and managed by Nick Walker and Rob Reid. Rob started the business 33 years ago and 15 years ago, in 2005, the two men opened the Langford store. “Our whole philosophy,” says Nick, “is to build community. When we opened in Langford, there was already a strong running community in Victoria so we thought given Langford’s growth potential, there was an opportunity to create an equally vibrant running culture in Langford and we weren’t wrong! It’s been wonderful working with the local community.”

Front Runner’s in Langford, like its sister shops, strives to give back to the community. Over the years, the owners and staff have focused on promoting health and wellness in multiple ways. For the past 14 years, for example, they have sponsored the Bear Mountain 10K race with great success and “only because of the pandemic have had to forgo this year’s event,” Nick says. They also put on a wide range of training clinics for runners of all levels—from youth to experienced athletes training for half or full marathons. “We have trained and motivated thousands of people over the years. It’s wonderful watching the transformation of people as they go from couch potato to enthusiastic runner! We love our work!”

Make no doubt about it, one of the things that sets Front Runner’s apart from other athletic shoe stores is their focus on customer service. “While we sell shoes,” says Nick, “what we’re really selling is life style. That’s paramount.” The knowledgeable and committed staff, assess each customer’s foot and gait. They determine the customer’s goals, potential use of the shoes and, of course, measure each foot too. “Every shoe and every foot is so different,” Nick says, “we need to make sure everything is just right before people leave the store.”

One of the truly great things about Front Runner’s is the staff. All are trained, knowledgeable and highly skilled. “We try to support and motivate people to get where they want to go,” Nick says. “Sometimes we help people who are just getting started to take baby steps, as it were, and gradually help them to learn to walk and then, when they are ready, to run. After that, we simply watch them take off! It’s such exciting and satisfying work.”

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