900 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza

Some people dream big. Few turn those dreams into reality. But one such entrepreneur has done just that right in the heart of Langford. Adrian, owner and chef of 900 Degrees Pizza had 15 years’ experience in the hospitality industry in Mexico but dreamed of owning and operating a wood-fired restaurant in Canada. Five and a half years later, after significant life changes—moving to Canada in 2013–much hard work, innovation and a commitment to excellence, 900 Degrees Pizza is not only a successful, bustling fine dining restaurant, it’s been recognized by “Where to Eat in Canada” for the past four years and has received Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence for the same amount of time. “Of course we’re hoping for a fifth year,” says Adrian, “but my wife and I are so pleased with the recognition we’ve received already. Our hard work is paying off!”

So what makes this restaurant so special? “We have no big kitchen, per se,” says Adrian, “just our wood-fired oven; and to the extent possible, everything is local and organic.” The restaurant offers a wide range of appetizers (hot and cold), salads, a variety of entrees and of course pizza, but pizza with a difference. As a quick glance of the website reveals, pizza offerings are designed to suit any taste. They can be ordered with classic red sauce, pesto, white sauce and even “double red sauce,” which is pizza without cheese. And mentioning cheese, the mozzarella is always fresh and full of flavour as are the vegetables. In addition, 900 Degrees Pizza offers three different crusts:  traditional thin crust, New York style, and gluten free. All are made on the premises.

Adrian’s personal philosophy is, no doubt, part of the restaurant’s success. “Adaptation brings opportunity,” he says, capturing his thoughts about the pandemic. “Yes, we were initially hit hard,” he says, “but we’ve learned to adapt. Because we reviewed everything we do, we implemented a number of changes that add to our efficiency and our ability to meet customers’ expectations quickly and consistently.” Adrian is supported in the restaurant by 15 employees, including his wife and teen-aged son who now works in the kitchen. “We have a great team,” he says. “I am so happy we have become a destination restaurant in Langford—so proud of all we’ve achieved!”

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